The Great Pacific Airshow

Oct 2019
Video Producer

The largest, most attended airshow in the United States, covering over a mile of beach in Southern California.


This airshow is the product of Code Four, a PR firm and the flight coordination team that runs the operations of the event. I was tasked with hiring a crew to cover the massive event over the 3-day weekend. The event consisted of a STEM tent (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), festival stage full of vendor booths, food and performances, the pier that was ALWAYS full of people, VIP chalet tents, RV camping parking lot and the very obvious beach crowd.

We had a crew of 7-12 camera operators, filming and photography the planes and helicopters in the sky, the people gazing at the flight paths, the post-show events, pilot Q & A sessions, performers and even filmed the people on the ground from a local helicopter. It was an experience to say the least.

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