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model, animate and render your 3D projects.
Animation Reel
🡨 skills
Every part of my creative and systematic work is built on a strong foundation of creative experience and technical skillsets.
and quality
Cinematography and lighting skills to produce great cinematic imagery and videos.
A 3D rendering of a sci fi terminal modeled by Alex Cheseborough.

The tools of my trade.

A vector image logo of the 3D design software, blender.
A vector image logo of the 3D design software, unreal engine.
A vector image logo of the design studio, Adobe Creative Cloud.


goals 🡪
A headshot photo of Micah Silver.
Alex is a phenomenal teammate and independent thinker + producer + doer. He not only has an endless inventory of skills, his capacity for humor and good communication even in tough situations is exceptional. His eye for detail in many registers (visual, spatial, sonic) is impressive.

Micah SilverDirector @ Polytope Agency

A headshot photo of Jason Jeon.
I worked with Alex for 2.5 years and he is one of the most talented and awesome person to work with! He is an expert in video shooting , video editing, graphic design and 3D design.

Jason Jeon — VR/Environmental Designer

A headshot photo of Li Hui Ting.
He definitely is not afraid to learn and try new things. His openness to explore and learn has enabled him to have various different skills in his industry, which many others do not have. Alex works very well with a responsive and respective team. I honestly wished I had the chance to work with him for a longer period of time!

Li Hui Ting — Graphic Designer @ Groundwork Coffee

working with me.

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