I'm a 3D Designer in Seattle, WA. Before that I was a Video Producer in Southern California.

I have worn many hats, in my 8+ years of video production, endless hours behind a computer editing, animating and modeling 3D object, environments and mixed reality experiences. I have stacked and produced crews of 5-10 amazingly talented people and had the pleasure to work with great small businesses and corporations. I pride myself as a Producer in my ability to balance budgets, get my hands dirty on set, knowing the ins and outs of any event or set production from start to finish.

3D Animation

Let's make something weird.
How I got started in 3D design.
I was introduced to 3D by a couple good friends and colleagues back in the day (@jason7906 and @m_icahsilver) and I haven't been able to get the idea of ZERO limitations out of my head. But I also thought 3D design was unattainable. I was a Film and Video specialist and didn't think it was possible for me to start all over.

One night I was trying to solve a problem with a product that didn't exist but my client wanted a promo shot for it. I figured, what the hell? Took me about 48 hours to learn everything I needed to know to model and animate what I needed and that was the beginning. Haven't been able to look away since.

3D Modeling

Let's make something impossible.
I was sequencing 3D fly-throughs and tours through environments and others' creations. I wanted to model the elements and design the spaces, so I taught myself how to model and animate 3D environments using Blender (which I highly recommend if you're evenly remotely interested in the field).





Sci-Fi art, gaming and previz elements.


Practical architectural layouts and walkthroughs.


Product rendering, concept and animations.